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Matthew McQueen

NEW! 12/24/2010 Listen to Matthew's latest compsition: Adagio Requium

Matthew McQueen was the lead singer for Automatic Pilot throughout its entire performing and recording history, also composer and lyricist along with his collaborator Karl Brown

He also sang with the San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus and Glide Church Choir, and danced with the Ed Mock Company.

After Automatic Pilot, he wrote for and performed with Theater Rhinoceros The AIDS Show, and the Society of Gay and Lesbian Composers.

He has worked as a graphic artist. Among others, he has done posters for the Golden Gate Men's Chorus, with whom he also sings.

Matthew continues to write and produce recordings of his rock songs; automaticpilot.org is proud to host recordings from Matthew's 21st century projects: TunaFix and K9000: Human Error and Wonderland.

Matt Doggy Myspace page

Matthew's songs from 2004 may be heard on music.download.com Also newly avaliable are tracks from Matthew's 2000 project Geezer featuring Jimmy Crucifix on guitar.

home recordings performances songs members history