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Karl Brown

Karl Brown was the pianist / keyboardist for Automatic Pilot throughout its entire performance and recording history. Along with his collaborator, lead singer Matthew McQueen, he served as composer, lyricist and backing vocalist. Karl has a BA in music from UC Santa Cruz, specializing in composition and electronic music. His first first band Axis self-released a record in 1974. He sang with the San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus from its first rehearsal in 1978 through March 1982.

After Automatic Pilot, he served as songwriter, keyboardist and sound designer for Theater Rhinoceros' The AIDS Show. He was a charter member of the Society of Gay and Lesbian Composers. He works as a computer programmer, and was the founding webmaster for the Golden Gate Men's Chorus with whom he sings.

He is currently working on the Automatic Pilot website, and a web-enabled interactive MIDI programming project.

Most recently, he performed on the debut solo CD by his cousin Rusty Anderson titled Undressing Underwater, available at CDBaby, or you can listen here.

home recordings performances songs members history