Automatic Pilot recording sessions

Harbor 1983 - 1984

Facility:Harbor Sound, Sausalito
Engineer:Dana Chappell
Format:24 tracks mixed to 2 track analog


Personnel: Horns on Dream a Lot arranged by Wayne Wallace; on Derelict and Sit arranged by Karl Brown

On Derelict and Dream a Lot, the piano, bass, synthesizers, and drum machine tracks were recorded at the Independent sessions.

Bass and drum machine tracks were also laid for Say Mongoose and Bobbing for Apples, which were completed at the Sammy Gene sessions

Dream A Lot was subsequently worked on some more at Sammy Gene and remixed at Starlight

Derelict was later remixed at the Automatt. A backwards version of Prelude (the tracks from this session) was mastered at the Automatt.

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