Automatic Pilot performances:
Fri Feb 4, 1983

Chute II Bar
Reno, Nevada
Automatic Pilot's only live performance outside the state of California. The date was probably Feb 4, 1983, maybe Jan 28, 1983, definitely a Friday. The Chute II Bar was located on South Virginia St. in Reno, across the street from what is now the 1099 Club. Automatic Pilot performed two sets (the same set list repeated). The next night (Saturday) disco artist Paul Parker performed at the same location.

We stayed at the Pioneer Inn. We had car trouble on the way back, so some of us caught a ride with the San Francisco GDI club which had chartered a bus.

The bar distributed a flyer publicizing Automatic Pilot's performance in advance of that weekend; however, no copy is currently available. The performance was videotaped; again, no copy is currently available. The only documentation of this performance is a 1985 Bay Area Reporter interview. Here is an image of the citation.


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