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Jon Sugar Gay Type Thang

Special featured mp3 recording
by Jon Sugar

Jon Sugar: musician, journalist, comedian, songwriter, DJ, and empresario of Gay Artists and Writers Kollective (GAWK) has lived in San Francisco for over 30 years. In 1984 he made a rap record called Gay Type Thang which was unavailble until 2006 and can now be heard here:

Listen to Gay Type Thang (6:18)
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Gay Type Thang was made available for the first time in February 2006 on Habitat67's blog but has has since been removed, as that website rotates music files quickly. Automatic Pilot is proud to permanetly host this historic recording by Jon Sugar, a true cultural icon(oclast) and great friend. In the 1980's Sugar played the music of Automatic Pilot and The AIDS Show on the Fruit Punch show, on KPFA Radio (Berkeley).

More from the blog of Habitat67:

This track is a stroke of pure genius. Originally recorded in 1981 and then rerecorded in 1984. Jon Sugar (of San Francisco's Gay Artists and Writers Kollective - G.A.W.K.) gives us 80's homo realness with a social bent. Gay Type Thang was never released but got some air play on local SF radio back in the day... download the track... and spread the word!

Better watch out, cause Jon's gonna "storm you hole and warm your pole" with Gay Type Thang!

Check out The Magnet's site for upcoming G.A.W.K. events.

Photo scanned from the March 23, 2006 print edition of SF Bay Times

This recording (p) 1981, 1984, 2006 Jon Sugar
Used by kind permission of Jon Sugar.
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