Automatic Pilot media citation:
Data-Boy Dec 12, 1980

Data-Boy, a free San Francisco gay magazine, carried a column "Ramblings" by C. David Kulman, better known by his business name David the Matchmater (with two t's).

Kulman's column of Dec 12, 1980 contained a review of the Kabuki performance Nov 23, 1980 as follows:

A capsule summary of the above review might well read:
  • "talented...but...extremely tasteless"
We appropriated the quote, and reworked it slightly:
  • "Talented Butt! Extremely tasteless"
And we went on to play San Francisco's On Broadway Theater three times.

Advocate Mar 5, 1981 citing of this performance"

This refers to the Kabuki performance Nov 23, 1980

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