Automatic Pilot media citation:
Bay Area Reporter May 6, 1982

The Bay Area Reporter is a weekly gay San Francisco newspaper.

The Dec 12, 1980 edition featured a review of the Red Party by Allen White headlined: Red Party: Big on Color, Low on Cash.

It described the controversial red flag display, the Foggy City Squares, the Barbary Coast Cloggers, and the Falcon Ballet Theater. White wrote:

  • Dancing is what the people wanted and the groups filled the bill.
The review continues:
  • Around the midnight hour the Sisters pulled themselves together to present their home-grown group. They call themselves "Mary Media & the Cass-ettes." They sang "Guilty." It was during their peformance that drink ticket seller Mark Brown was informed that the rush for drinks had bled the beer supply dry.

    Following the Cass-ettes there were apprarances by Automatic Pilot and The Hostages. Both bands were more for listening than for dancing.

This review was of the Red Party performance May 1, 1982

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