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Why Are You Asking? - Automatic Pilot lyrics

Sitting down
You are drunk.
Feeling me.
With your hands.
No I don't
Want to play with you.

Why are you asking?
Why are you asking?
Why are you asking me?
Why do you ask me?
Why do you ask me?
You know I'll just say no.

Who do you thing you are?
Trying to pick up a star?
You're getting in my way.
No, I don't want to
Play with you.

Doo doo doot, doot doot, etc.

I found me a hot one
We started to have fun.
Almost had him home.
Then you got pushy
Your lips were all mooshy
Trying to find my bone.

Now look what you've done!
You've sent him on the run.
We were having such a good time
'Til you drove him off
With your slime

(Dance of the Troll)

Look at those wrinkles
Look at that pinhead
Look at that flabby roll.
What did I do to
Deserve to be hit on
By such a hideous troll?

Why don't you just go home?
Leave me alone.
I think your breath smells like cum
Sucked from the bum of a bum
YOU PIG!! (snork)

Copyright 1980, 2002 Karl Brown and Matthew McQueen

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