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Automatic Pilot links

San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus
The singers of Automatic Pilot all came from this chorus, which nurtured us as an "unofficial" subgroup.

Golden Gate Men's Chorus
Matthew and Karl are members of this group, directed by Joseph Jennings.

Theater Rhinoceros
San Francisco's gay theater company has been producing plays for 25 years, including The AIDS Show, to which Karl and Matthew contributed music.

Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence
This troupe of gay male nuns shared many a stage with Automatic Pilot; their charitable and activist work continues to this day.

Shady Grove - The Quicksilver Messenger Service Page
This is the site for Gary Duncan, who played guitar for Quicksilver, and on Automatic Pilot recordings of "Say Mongoose" and "Bobbing for Apples" in 1984. Thanks to webmaster Brett for such a great link!

Dr. Demento Official Website
Dr. Demento played our song, Derelict in my Doorway, on his nationally syndicated radio show on July 1, 1984.

The Demented Music Database
Official Dr. Demento playlist archive run by Jeff Morris, who was kind enough to give us a link at his Other Demented sites page.

The Mad Music Archive
Comprehensive dementia site run by Wayne Ross. Home of the Mad Music Show, which has also played our music.. MP3s View the Automatic Pilot page. and purchas our songs from The Mad Music Archive MP3 Store.

Dave's Fun Stuff
Comprehensive dementia almanac run by David Tanny. Home of DFSXRadio.com which has played our music. View the Automatic Pilot page.

Jean Hould
This Canadian lyricist and poet transcribed the French lyrics from our song Are You In Love (originally written by Tom Gschwind), and translated them into English.

Rusty Anderson
My cousin, the guitar player, singer and songwriter best know for his work with Paul McCartney. He's just released his debut solo CD Undressing Underwater, and it's awesome! (I performed on 2 songs - hear Devil's Spaceship. ) Buy it now!

MIDI java servlet programming home page
My current creative projectt: web enabled algorithmic MIDI composition application, using java servlets and featuring equal tempered scales with an arbitrary user-selected number of divisions to the octave. Right now it generates some pretty wild "free jazz" as it relies heavily on random number generators.

Karl Brown
My personal site.

Radio show by DJ Sean Murphy on WHYS-LP 96.3 FM, Eau Claire, WI has played our music.

James Eric (Chicago, Illinois) Songwriter and performer James Eric Laczkowski. Varied styles including emo. His first album, released in 2003, is titled Automatic Pilot; he recently performed under that name.

Automatic Pilot (Sorocaba, Brazil)
This alternative band was active from 1997 to 2002. Some pretty decent songs can be heard on their Brazilian Demo Club page. Their official homepage and mp3 page are a sight to behold but difficult to navigate.

We also have Automatic Pilot pages with mp3s on these band hosting sites:

     music.download.com at cnet      music.download.com at cnet      Ultimate Band List      myspace.com      DMUSIC the independent digital music community      iSound      Pure Volume     

Some directories and portals who list us:

     Open Directory Project at dmoz.org           MusicSites.com      PMSCPC Music - keeping music free                Genome                     Antada

The following gay oriented portals and directories list us, but may also link to sites that are not for everybody. Visitor discretion is advised.

Out In San Francisco is a gay, lesbian, bisexual
and transgender online community.                          bentlinks.com      Larry−Bob's Queer Hotlist     

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