The Automatic Pilot story - part 7
by Karl Brown

Life goes on for the living

The subsequent chapter in the musical life of Karl Brown and Matthew McQueen began November 1985 with the inaugural concert of the Society of Gay and Lesbian Composers, including Karl's Duet for Toy Computer and Toy Piano and Matthew's Beverly Sills Cop for soprano, piano and saxophone. Matthew and Karl have remained best friends, but from this point on we each wrote our own pieces. They participated in SGLC at various times over the years until its last concert in 1998.

In 1994, SGLC did a joint concert with the Golden Gate Men's Chorus, formerly known as the Dick Kramer Gay Men's Chorale and now directed by Bill Ganz. Bill was SFGMC's original pianist on pop songs and director of SFGMC's early subgroup Men About Town. (Joseph Jennings, who also directs Chanticleer, became director of GGMC in 1996.) For this concert, Karl composed a setting of a passage from Genesis about the story of Onan, who spilled his seed upon the ground. Matthew had long been a member of GGMC and contributed two pieces of his own; Karl joined for this concert,created the GGMC website in 1997 and served as webmaster until 2002. Both Karl and Matthew have sung with GGMC since.

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