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This website - - documents the band Automatic Pilot who performed and recorded in San Francisco from 1980 to 1985. Most of our audience, like most of our members, were gay. We often performed at gay venues and events.

Our lyrics addressed the gay experience and lifestyle with raunchy humor, often sexually suggestive to the point of being explicit. Surprisingly few actual nasty words were used; they weren't needed to achieve the desired effect.

Our posters and flyers were similarly salacious, with cartoon nudity.

Many members of the San Francisco's gay community in the early 1980's said we were "extremely tasteless." It is thus likely that many members of the general public will be offended by some of our lyrics. However, to adventurous listeners we promise much in the way of redeeming musical value.

This material is not commercial pornography nor its artistic equivalent. My guess if it were a movie it would be R rated, not X. Certainly, most of it is not for young kids.

I plan to add a song-by-song advisory to this site, and create a special area on the site with songs suitable for all listeners.

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